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PRO RSS FeedReader Home


The PRO RSS FeedReader has built in a special page for you. Here you can find the latest Feeds, latest version info, statistics, link to our website and a link to the support site.
PRO RSS FeedReader Home
Add Feeds To PRO RSS FeedReader
Add Feeds To PRO RSS FeedReader

Adding Feeds

One of the most important parts is adding Feeds to your Feedreader. PRO RSS FeedReader makes it easy for you.
  1. Just type in a word in the Feed search system and PRO RSS FeedReader will connect with Google to find your RSS Feeds. You only need to select the Feeds and presto!
  2. If you want to receive Twitter Feeds: just fill in the name of the Twitter account.
  3. You can surf the web via the internal browser. PRO RSS FeedReader has a Feed detecting system. When a Feed is available an icon will be displayed in the browser and you can add the Feed to your Feedreader.
  4. Finally you can add a Feed manually into PRO RSS FeedReader.

Viewing your Feeds

There are many ways to view your Feeds. You can view all Feeds regardless of whether they are read or unread. Viewing the unread Feeds can be done via the unread Feeds button.
Of course you can view your individual RSS Feeds or folders.
Feeds can be viewed in "list view" and "detail view". In the detail view you can quickly go to another Feed via the forward and backwards button.
View Feeds PRO RSS FeedReader
View Feeds PRO RSS FeedReader
Star Your Feeds PRO RSS FeedReader


Give your Feed a star to organize the Feeds you like best. Starring and unstarring is very easy to do and can be done from the list view and detail view.

Search inside Feeds

Whenever you want to search for a particular word or sentence in all your Feeds, you can use the internal search system to get your results. The search can be done in title, content or in both of them. The search system has been tested with over more than a 1000 Feeds and is still very fast.
Search inside Your Feeds
Search inside Your Feeds
Automatically Updating  Your Feeds

Automatically updating

PRO RSS FeedReader will give you the opportunity to update your Feeds automatically. There is a wide range of time intervals, from 1 minute till 6 months. You can use the setting "never" to update only manually.
Automatically Updating  Your Feeds

Manually updating

You would probably want to update your Feeds whenever you like. Here the PRO RSS FeedReader is useful. Choose your favorite Feed and click the update button. The system will update this particular Feed. Very handy if you like to follow a specific Feed.
Manually Updating Your Feeds
Twitter Feeds

Organize your Feeds

Instead of long lists of Feeds, PRO RSS FeedReader brings you the possibility of organizing your Feeds with folders and sub-folders. For example: main folder Sports and sub-folder Football. The use of folders is not absolutely necessary. So you are totally free to choose which option suits you best.

Edit Feeds and folders

Once you have made your Feeds setup, you may like to change names, URL's or folders. Moving folders is no problem at all and deleting a Feed or folder is quite easy. PRO RSS FeedReader has all the features to realize these changes.
Edit Feeds And Folders
Edit Feeds And Folders
Browse Your Feeds and The Web

Browse The Web

PRO RSS FeedReader has a build in browser to browse the web. You can add a homepage for your favorite website.
Browse Your Feeds and The Web

Background process

During the updates of your Feeds you are still able to continue working with PRO RSS FeedReader. This can be done because the updating process works in the background. Once all Feeds are downloaded, the database will be updated in a few seconds (this depends on how many Feeds you are updating).
Detail View Feeds

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